Skills management system
for strategic human resources development

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What is Skillnote

Skillnote boosts your business
through strategic skills management, human resource development, and assignment

Skillnote supports all skill-related tasks, including skills visualization, analysis, and training plan management. Systematic training and assignment by our solution enable performance improvement.

skills information

Reduce workload
for skills management

Avoid quality problems
and legal violations

Strategic human resource

Our strengths

Deep knowledge
of the manufacturing industry

We offer our expertise through our experience in supporting many customers, especially in the manufacturing industry.

Service designed
for "Gemba" (On-site)

As a company born in Japan, we are committed to "Gemba", where value is created, and develop our solution in line with the actual workflow.

150+ clients
from aviation to pharmaceuticals

Our solution is satisfied in sectors with strict quality standards, rapid innovation, and complex processes.


Manage competences in one place

Visualize individual skills, licenses, and education/training plans on a single matrix

Create ISO/IATF compliant records

Centralize skills matrices, training records, and other information needed for ISO 9001, IATF 16979, and client audits

Avoid mistakes in license

List license holder information and prevent license renewal failures by alerts and email

Develop well-founded training plans

Comprehensive support for training operations, from planning to tracking results

Strategic HR development

Identify potential skill shortages and provide insights for strategic workforce planning

Optimize allocation

Centralize competences and work histories for data-driven optimal placement

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